We do try to minimise our use of palm oil but we do have some products that still use it, mostly in "functional" ingredients like emulsifiers. 

We're actually reformulating a couple of products soon to move away from palm options as more palm-free ingredients become available to vegan, natural manufacturers, and that's very exciting :)  

The following products do NOT have palm oil :

  • Raindrops on Roses
  • Good Vibes, Laugh out Loud
  • Fairy Godmother #1 & #2
  • Pig In Mud Mineral Masks
  • Oils (Black Seed, Dilo, TLC and Blissed Out) 
  • Surf deodorant

 If you'd love to learn more about our video on palm oil please check out our blog, as we're not 100% convinced that palm oil is evil, as long as it's responsibly and sustainably sourced.