Lots of bicarb soda based natural deodorants cause irritation because they are too alkaline while our skin is acidic. So when you put something too alkaline on your skin, your skin starts to react. 

Before we created the Woohoo! All Natural Deodorant Paste, Aaron couldn't use any bicarb soda deodorants because they would just make him itch like mad after about 3 days. So he decided to make one that he could use. 

All we needed to do was lower the pH without taking away and deodorant powers. It sounds easy but it took about 18 different formulas to get it right.

It is the first natural deodorant Aaron has ever been able to use, and we've heard the same good news from other people with sensitive skin too.

So YES it is OK to use a bicarb soda deodorant, but only if it has been carefully formulated to have a lower pH  :)