Our Automatic Delivery program was closed on 31 March 2020. Unfortunately we were experiencing technical issues that were out of our control and they were making your experience a little un-happy, which is a big no-no in our books!

The last automatic deliveries were sent out on 1 April 2020 and no more automatic delivery orders will be generated after this date. This means that if you had a standing automatic order you'll need to switch back to the old fashioned manual ordering method for now (sorry!). 

As a way of showing you some love and apologies for the inconvenience of closing the program, our marvellous automatic delivery customers have the option of joining the top tier of our rewards program - Head Over Heels - for 12 months (where you can earn Happy Points 3x faster than non-members). If this is you please email us and we'll add you to Head Over Heels ASASP so you can start racking up Happy Points :) To be eligible you need to have had an active automatic delivery on 31 March 2020. Thanks so much for your understanding xx