We actually get asked quite often about caring for young skin, and even though we don't advertise to young girls (or boys), our skincare is still perfect for them. The most important thing we would recommend for your kids' skin to be very gentle with it. Even when the dreaded pimples surface, you don't need harsh, drying cleansers to get rid of them. That can actually cause young hormonal skin to overreact and produce more oil, causing more pimples.

 The best thing to do would be to try out our sample packs to see which products feel right. We have 2 sample packs, one for normal/dry/sensitive skin and one for oily/combination skin.

Please remember to take it easy with the Pig In Mud Mineral Mask and only apply it for a couple of minutes to start with, particularly if you're using the stronger mask for oily/combination skin. You can even soften the mask's drawing powers by mixing it with yoghurt instead of water. Then you have to resist the temptation not to lick your lips!