If you've found a charge for $89.77 USD on your card and your statement says that the charge is from "Lpn happiskin", we can confidently say that the charge wasn't from Happy Skincare.

We are a small company based in Australia and don't ever charge credit cards in US Dollars, and we've been contacted about this quite a few times now and in all cases there was a credit card charge from "Lpn happiskin". (please note that we spell our name with a 'y' not 'i'.).

Have you purchased anything from Juvacell? If yes then they are the people you need to contact as there name appears as Lpn happiskincare on your credit card statement. It is a very sneaky and the amount of people we have had contact us with the same problem as you makes us really think that they are not a trustworthy business.

If you haven't bought any Juvacell then you will need to contact your bank to gain further information about the business that has charged your card as it is probably fraudulent.

We're very happy to chat about this on the phone or via email. Just drop us a line, as we'd like to put a stop to this too!..